ArmaSport® Designer Benefits:

  • ArmaSport® turf underlayment shock pad is G-max tested to ASTM F 1936 (2015)  
  • Consistent shock attenuation throughout the field
  • Has been used as a shock pad for over 35 years
  • Innovative drainage system tested to British Standard 7044 Method 4. 
  • Multiple thicknesses and densities provide multiple G-max ratings. Customize field to the amount and type of use
  • Pad provides protection for turf from the asphalt, concrete or rock base. Will add length to the life of the turf
  • Can be used with or without the use of infill. Does not need infill to provide safe G-max ratings like other drainage-based shock pads
  • Material meets low phthalate rating requirements
  • Tested to meet FIFA 2 star 

More Information:

See our testing page.



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